McCook E-Free Disciple-making Pathway (The Pathway). The Pathway answers the question, “How do we make disciples of Jesus, here at McCook E-Free?” The Pathway is our strategy for making disciples of Jesus, of all people, of all ages.

The Pathway consists of four, roughly sequential elements.
Worship – We desire for all to worship God, both personally and corporately.
Disciple – We desire for all to be both discipled by and discipling others in authentic relationship.
Serve – We desire for all to regularly and lovingly serve both inside the Church and in evangelism and missions outside the Church.
Lead – We desire for all to grow towards and in leading others.
Additionally, there are three critical steps in Christ we desire for people at McCook E-Free to take. These steps, although connected to the Pathway, do not fall within the Pathway.
Salvation – We desire for all to place their faith in Jesus, finding life in Christ.
Baptism – We desire for all to publicly proclaim the work Christ has done in their life.

Membership – We desire for all to be active partners with McCook E-Free.
As we guide people along The Pathway, we will challenge them to trust God and take their “Next Steps” on the Pathway of growing as a disciple of Jesus.