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Coronavirus – Ministry Update #2
April 1, 2019
Dear Friends,
Social distancing and stay-at-home orders are being given all over the world. For most of us here in the States it means working from home, speaking to our neighbors across our yards, using the Internet to connect with people and finding new ways to get things done. We do have some inconveniences like not being able to find some items at the store, not socializing like we are accustom to and finding ways to occupy our time.
For those in Burkina Faso, Haiti and Zimbabwe it is a different story. In these countries the Coronavirus poses additional threats. The added threats are increased hunger, more strain on poor or non-existent health care systems, continued economic problems and other long-term issues. 
It is a gamble for some, do they make the choice to stay at home and go hungry or go out, risking catching the virus, so they can earn enough to eat for the day?
Burkina Faso and Haiti shut down their borders early on and, effective today, Zimbabwe is now in lockdown. All three of these countries are doing what they can to limit social contact and the spread of the Coronavirus. The displacement camps in Burkina have grown over the last year, and the fear is that these will become a breeding ground for the virus. The plpulation density in major cities in all three of these countries also poses a great risk. It is impossible for social distancing in some areas.
CWO continues to look for ways we can continue to minister to those in our programs. In Haiti we will begin distributing food to the children in our feeding program instead of having them gather in one place to eat. Our leaders in Zimbabwe have begun to distribute 500 bottles of hand sanitizer to distribute to those who cannot afford to purchase it.
Thank you to all of you who are praying for the leaders of each ministry and for giving generously.
Serving Together,
Christian World Outreach
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